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And the Winner Is… Attend:
An Awards Ceremony Success

"Attend made our awards ceremony seamless."

Cory Bolotsky

Operations Manager, MassChallenge


The MassChallenge team had a big event coming up - their awards ceremony, the culmination of a months long program. Getting nearly 1,500 people checked in and distributing name tags as they all enter at once was really difficult. Making sure that the name tags were printed right, organized, and that the guests made it to the right table at the event took time and money and left a lot of room for human error. In previous years, the MassChallenge team would have to estimate how many people were in the room for the cocktail hour to know when to open the door to the main event. They never had a real understanding of how many people were checked in and, more importantly, who those people were (for example, were our presenters and speakers all checked in yet and, if so, what table were they sitting at).

The needed to greet their guests, mark them as having attended, print a name tag out to add to a lanyard which identified them as a certain type of guest, and direct them into the convention center.  While they had different types of attendees, they were all very important to not only the event, but the success of their program since every interaction they had with them was building their relationship. As a non-profit that is funded by donations and propelled forward by the participation of companies and local professionals - a focus on their event experience was crucial.


The MassChallenge team engaged the help of 15 volunteers - each armed with a Surface Pro 3, a name badge printer, and pre-designed lanyards to man the check-in desk in the convention center the day of their event. As guests arrive they simply approached an available volunteer who greeted them and asked for their name and within seconds they were checked in with a name badge.

Since their devices would be connected to WiFi, the MassChallenge organizers could monitor check-in from anywhere at anytime during the event to see where they stood.


Since the record in Attend identified what type of guest they were, choosing the appropriate lanyard was simple and the guests table number printed in their name tag, along with their name and company name, eliminating any confusion about where to go within the banquet hall.

There were several dozen guests the MassChallenge team considered VIPs in their group of 1,500 and, using Attend’s VIP text alerts, they were able to greet those guests at check-in. This made those guests feel appreciated and removed some stress from the MassChallenge team since they no longer needed to watch the front door for VIPs.

Rope and stanchions were great to have, but were barely needed since there was rarely anyone waiting.

Attend has made the check-in process for our awards ceremony seamless -- it has minimized lines and reduced confusion among our attendees. We no longer need to direct them to 10 different lines based on their last name and attendee type, we can now easily manage all of our check-ins from technology-enabled stations manned by minimally trained volunteers.

Additionally, Attend gives us real-time insight into our event so we know at any time how many people are in attendance and we can see if our top attendees and speakers have checked in yet.

Attend has reduced our preparation time significantly and improved our attendees overall experience at the event by making check-in quick, easy, and enjoyable.





Company Overview:

MassChallenge is the world’s largest startup accelerator and competition and the first of its kind to support high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached. The organization aims to catalyze a global startup renaissance. Their objectives are to promote innovation, collaboration and commercialization, address the seed-stage investment gap, empower novice entrepreneurs, provide educational opportunities for entrepreneurs, and showcase entrepreneurship assets and infrastructure locally, nationally and internationally.

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