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The Public Affairs department at Quinnipiac University had been using a system that was purchased for a separate department and wasn’t well suited for their needs. They had tried to make it work, but using that system felt like a series of work-arounds. Ultimately, the whole setup was cumbersome and not conducive to managing their programming.

The special events team put together a wishlist of what a viable solution would entail and decided that they needed to:

  • Digitally check attendees into an event;
  • Send email invitations, reminders, and follow ups;
  • Generate event metrics and run reports for analysis;
  • Manage guest and RSVP lists; and
  • Organize smaller events within larger events.


Charity and her team at Quinnipiac University considered several options for addressing its event planning challenges and ultimately chose Attend because of its easy to adopt and use solution that fit their pressing needs. The QU team was quickly up and running and able to plug in all of their events for the rest of the academic year.

The team was able to translate their previously unmet needs to their Attend account and immediately improve upon their efforts to be well prepared for their events and meet their guests’ needs.


Quinnipiac University’s use of Attend enhanced aspects of their event planning processes, producing a more efficient and manageable experience. They were able to have a plan in place to prepare for their events in ways that had been impossible at best, or extremely challenging at worst, in the past.

For example, at one event their team was expecting a VIP that they wanted to immediately greet at the door and direct to a specific area of the event - but only two staff members knew what the guest looked like. With the VIP message alerts, they were all cognizant of the guest’s arrival and the handoff went smoothly.

During the event, they were able to have three staff members confidently check-in guests. Since the lists synced via WiFi they were able to track their check-in statistics on an additional device to see how many people were in the room and how many people they were still waiting for. The event team moved from having only an educated guess, based on eyeing the room and looking at separate check-in lists, to having accurate information and metrics at their fingertips throughout the ongoing event.

Post-event they were able to review high-level information - how many people registered vs. showed up - but also had the ability to dive into that information and see who attended - their attendance history, their demographic information, and more. They were also able to utilize online surveys for the first time, moving away from paper, and target only those people who attended. The metrics came together to help them analyze their events on multiple levels and build their plan for the future.

Company Overview:

Quinnipiac University, located in Hamden, Connecticut, is a privately owned university offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Professional degrees. Founded in 1929, Quinnipiac University has approximately 6,500 undergraduate students with an additional 2,500 students pursuing graduate studies. Since it’s inception, Quinnipiac University has set itself apart for its innovative changes to its academics, faculty and campus. The university ranks consistently within the top spots of the U.S. News and World Report’s Best Colleges issue. It is home to the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, which surveys individuals in eight states and conducts national polls.

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