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How Seismic Increased Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rates


“The conversion rate for event leads to sales opportunities jumped from 2% to 53% by using Attend.”




Salesforce users are ideal customers for Seismic making Dreamforce the perfect place to engage with their ecosystem. Therefore, Dreamforce is a sizable part of their marketing plan. Every year the company has had an exhibitor booth and hosted their own party for prospects and customers. Historically Dreamforce has been one of Seismic’s best lead generation programs - resulting in thousands of booth visitors and party goers.

While the top of the funnel lead numbers have been impressive from Dreamforce, it was often hard for the company to separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of lead quality. The low quality of many of the leads caused a lot of wasted BDR time following up with thousands of uninterested people. Unsurprisingly the lead quality issues resulted in low overall event conversion rates.

Both the Seismic sales and marketing teams knew there was a lot of valuable prospects and opportunities generated from Dreamforce -but they needed a process to help them better identify and manage hot prospects.


Leading up to Dreamforce 2015, the business development and sales teams decided to try a new approach to managing prospect interactions onsite at the conference. Leveraging Attend’s sales velocity app, the Seismic team pre-loaded all of their target account contacts into the app. They also instituted a new sales process that required reps to record notes on their conversations with prospects in the Attend app. Those notes were automatically synced back into Seismic’s Salesforce CRM. When having conversations with existing known target accounts or hot prospects - the sales teams would “check-in” the prospect and add notes on the conversation into the app.

The broader marketing organization continued to use the standard lead-scanners provided by the Dreamforce conference. This strategy gave the sales and marketing teams the opportunity to track which leads converted better - the standard “old way” of managing event leads vs. the new event engagement technology provided by Attend.

Using the Attend app to record conversations and interactions during Dreamforce helped the sales team to better manage the details from each prospect interaction. The fact that reps were keeping track of what they spoke about with each prospect allowed for highly personalized follow-up after the event. This resulted in a much higher conversion rate from lead to opportunity for prospects managed within the Attend app versus those that were not managed in the app. 53% of the prospects that had conversations managed in the Attend app converted to an opportunity, compared to a 2% conversion rate of prospects that were simply scanned using the standard lead scanners.




increase in event lead to sales opportunity


Company Overview:

From preparation to pitch, to growing with your customers, Seismic improves every step in the engagement lifecycle. Sales shouldn't have to waste time searching for the right content. With Seismic, content finds your sales reps and personalizes itself.

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