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Improved attendee experience &
increased check-in speed by 3x

"The live sync between devices meant that everyone had access to the most current data making it easy to see who had checked into the event. Attend helped us to provide the best attendee experience from the moment they entered our event."

Aaron Robinson

IT and Communications Manager


Sonoma State’s annual Seawolf Decision Day attracts 3,000 prospective freshman and their families to spend the day familiarizing themselves with the university before making a decision to answer their acceptance letter. One of the most critical events the university holds, this event is Sonoma State’s opportunity to engage with high school seniors to help them make the decision to become a student at SSU.

Prior to using Attend, SSU would email invitations to their prospective student and use a paper registration and check-in process. This means event attendees would have to provide a handwritten registration form during the check-in process to attend the event. This form would then have to be manually entered into SSU’s contact database post event. A messy and slow process - the volume of these registration forms have grown exponentially over the past few years as applications to SSU have grown.


Sonoma State chose Attend to manage their Seawolf Decision Day registration, on-site check in and post event follow up. Moving the registration process online made it much easier for Sonoma State to monitor and track which of their prospective students were registering for the event. This made it easier for SSU to send reminder emails to only prospective students that had not yet registered and more information to ones that had registered. This enabled SSU to provide a much nicer pre-event experience.

In the past, the check in lines for the Decision Day event were long and slow moving as a result of the printed registration form. With Attend, SSU was able to employ 5 iPads positioned throughout the registration area to check people in just a few seconds - shortening the check-in lines to 10 people or less through the entire process. Shortening the check-in process helped SSU make a great first impression with their guests and shortened the entire process by 300%. The live sync across the 5 ipads also made it easy for SSU to monitor everyone that had checked in at anytime regardless of where the check-in took place.


Sonoma State utilized Attend to manage the follow up for all 3,000 attendees after the Decision Day event ended. What would have once taken a week to manually process and enter all of the attendee data into their contact database, SSU was able to manage this data in a matter of minutes and send out follow up emails within a matter of hours. The value of using Attend was that SSU didn’t risk losing registration information because it was already captured in the platform and in their contact database. According to Aaron Robinson, “Managing our registration data was so much easier with Attend because we didn’t have to request extensive information at check-in. We could simply ask for a name or email address knowing the registration data was attached to an identity on the backend.”


Company Overview:

Located in California's premier wine country 1 hour north of San Francisco, Sonoma State is a small campus with big ideas.With a tradition of promoting intellectual and personal growth, leadership opportunities and technological proficiency, SSU offers its students a friendly, safe and informal atmosphere on a beautiful campus setting. 

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