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How UC Davis Impresses Event Attendees with a Technology-Forward Experience

Attend has helped us provide a better experience for our attendees and has made the entire event process so much faster, easier, and more efficient.”

Paige Steffy

Events Manager,
UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions


As the Events Manager for undergraduate admissions at UC Davis, Paige Steffy typically runs about 25 events per year. These events range from small events with around 50 attendees to large events with up to 6,000 attendees. 

Before using Attend, the admissions office used a combination of manual check-in methods that included printed tickets and checking names off on a spreadsheet. Both of these methods slowed down the check-in process and allowed human error to compromise the quality of attendance data. Post events, the UC Davis team had to enter each registration into their contact database manually which was a time consuming process.


Paige and the UC Davis undergraduate admissions office are now using Attend to streamline their check-in process for all their events. Paige didn’t need any formal training to use the check-in app and has found that training the event staff on how to use Attend to be an easy process. According to Paige, “Attend has made entire event process so much faster, easier, and more efficient.” The speed of Attend’s check-in process has ultimately boosted engagement at events as attendees spend less time in line and more time enjoying the event. 

The ease of using Attend’s iPad app frees the staff up to answer questions as attendees come in, setting a positive tone and giving a better first impression. Paige says that “allowing guests to check-in on iPads is great because it starts the event off on a technology-forward note.” Guests are impressed by both the speed of the check-in process and the technology itself. The iPads are also portable, making it easy to set up the check-in stations in varying locations. 


Using Attend’s live sync feature, the UC Davis admissions office can pull up real time data on the number of attendees who have arrived at the event and how many have yet to check-in. The insight into what percentage of registrants have checked-in at any moment allows the admissions office to wait until just the right time to start a presentation. The live sync feature also provides valuable data to the Directors at UC Davis that like to check on the success of events while they are happening.

Attend has helped UC Davis admissions collect more accurate attendee data since it removes the possibility of human error from the equation. When using printed spreadsheets for check-in, there were often cases where the highlighter was between two names on the spreadsheet and it was impossible to know which guest actually attended. Now UC Davis guests check-in on the iPads and the attendance data is easily imported directly into their database. This ability to import attendee lists “eliminates a lot of that background work after the event - which is really nice.” 

UC Davis Admissions Event Success Story




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UC Davis is one of the world's leading cross-disciplinary research and teaching institutions, located in Davis, California. With over 35,000 across 4 colleges and and 6 professional schools, UC Davis is known for its academic excellence and global impact. UC Davis ranks No. 9 among the nation’s top public research universities and has a strong commitment to sustainability, standout academics and unmatched school spirit.

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