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Working smarter, not harder:
Event management in a non-profit

"Attend is a game-changer for us! It frees us up to get creative implementing cool new elements to engage our guests... The guest experience has improved immensely."

Molly Neville

Events Director


As a non-profit the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley runs events to engage donors to support their organization. They needed to allocate their human capital efficiently but their team spent hundreds of hours printing, cutting, and stuffing name badges - sometimes staying up all night before large events to ensure that they would be prepared once onsite. 

The team also scrambled to follow up after events - consolidating their main registration list with their various check-in lists to finally have an idea of who showed up and who didn’t. They were weighed down by manual processes that created hours of extra work. 


After implementing Attend, the United Way of Mass. Bay was able to show up the day of the event and have their guests check-in with a name badge printed on site - saving countless hours in preparation. They were able to utilize digital check-in which consolidated their lists and meant that the organizer could watch check-in numbers in real time and, in the end, know the exact number of attendees. 

Post-event, the event team was able export the data from their events to put back into their central system and send quick post-event follows up - versus spending weeks reconciling attendance. The solutions implemented around exisitng events allowed for more visibility into key events so the team could evaluate the event's success and plan for the future. 


The onsite guest experience has improved immensely -- wait time decreased and accuracy increased. Also, with the benefit of WiFi the organizers were able to have an accurate head count at all times. They were able to send thank you emails to guests immediately following the event allowing United Way to connect and engage with attendees in a positive way.

The cloud functionality is amazing – real time attendee analytics including live guest count, statistics, and text alerts makes our job as event planners much easier.

Attend is a game-changer for United Way of Massachusetts Bay! It frees up the event team to get creative and spend more time implementing cool new event elements to engage guests and keep them coming back.


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Company Overview:

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley brings our communities together to help improve people’s lives and strengthen the neighborhoods in our region. United Way was built on the idea that if we are to make meaningful, lasting change, we have to make it easier for these efforts to come together. To make the greatest impact possible, United Way aligns a network of more than 200 independent health and human service agencies under the same set of community goals.


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